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Cyborg Invasion

Accord-ebookcoverImagine what could happen if mankind continues it use of robotics to the extreme. Imagine a planet where people not unlike us are so afraid of an alien invasion that they create space-based defensive weapons controlled by disembodied human brains. The people of Skee Lotho are so certain that their former masters will return that they create The Accord, a society of cyborgs whose sole goal is to protect the humans on the planet.

Eventually the Friends of The Accord realize that even time is an enemy to the survival of the people on the surface below, after all, even stars grow old and die. To provide the ultimate protection, massive planetoids are constructed to house the people and avoid eventual destruction by a future nova.

Fast forward a few hundred generations and the cyborgs have become more machine than man. They begin to look at the flesh and bone creatures as inferior, not different from farm animals that can work for a time and then become a food source. In their effort to be safe, the humans have become slaves and sources of protein. This is the world that Dave Brewster finds himself facing in Book Five of the Dave Brewster Series.

The planets of the Magellanic Clouds are running out of metal, and now The Accord is headed toward our own galaxy to survive and grow. Can the worlds of the Free Society stand up to the unbelievable power of the cyborgs? That is the lesson of The Accord. To Join the Adventure, please check out this outrageous tale of war, newfound love, the transcendence of the spirit, and the most powerful force in the universe.

Sale on Second Predaxian War

For a limited time, the e-book price for The Second Predaxian War, Book 2 of the Dave Brewster Series has been reduced to $0.99. This is as special thanks to those who took advantage of the earlier sale on Showdown Over Neptune. It might take a little while for all the bookseller websites to adjust the price, but I’ve already done it on my end.

Showdown ended with the star fleets of Earth and Greater Gallia rushing to the Predaxian frontier where an armada of their vessels had broken the peace treaty and threatened to start another interstellar war. The emperor of the Predaxian Alliance (that handsome fellow on the cover) thirsts for revenge for their loss in the First Predaxian War, and seeks to enslave the Galliceans. This story also introduces us to new aliens and the mind-blowing technology of a Hive.

Please check it out. You can read more about it on my website too. If you have read any of my books, I humbly request you post a review either on the site where you purchased it or on Reviews are the lifeblood of new indie writers. Your words can help me reach even more readers.

The cover for this book was the first made by my artist, Ron Calica, and probably my favorite of the six he had created. The detail on the emperor’s uniform, and even to the glint in his eye and the drool in his mouth really highlights how sinister this creature is. Join the Adventure!