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Story Cartel Deal About to Expire

Tears of Gallia- Dave Brewster 4The giveaway of Tears of Gallia on Story Cartel ends in only eight days! Be sure and follow this link to get your e-book copy now!

Follow Dave as he travels to the Tears of Gallia, two planets sacred to the Galliceans, and learns about the troubled history of that giant alien civilization. On the small terrestrial planet, he encounters Fola Untor, the leader of the disgraced Brotherhood in the Society of Humanity, who is out for revenge. He travels into the past in order to kill Dave before he ventured into the future. As a backup plan, he strands Dave and a new friend on a mythical planet beyond the edge of the galaxy.

And if he did not have enough problems already, the Donnaki Empire has decided to expand their territory, putting all of the Free Society at risk. Not to mention a new enemy called The Accord. The novel by that name is coming soon. Imagine armies of robots controlled by a single brain which has been carved out of its host body. Tons of action and terrible danger awaits.

The Accord is Almost Here, and a Free Offer

The Accord_Sketch3After yesterday’s rant on the QE program, let me get back to my books. Here is a sneak peek at the cover art for The Accord, Book 5 in the Dave Brewster Series of science fiction novels. I suppose it is pretty obvious that our hero has been beaten and captured by a society of robots. The Accord formed in the Small Magellanic Cloud long ago. The people there were so afraid others would come to subjugate them that they built cyborg robots controlled by human brains for planetary protection. Ultimately, as the robots grew and evolved, they became more machine than man and turned on their citizenry. Now the machines are headed into our galaxy to continue their expansion. The Accord is a tale of men overcoming incredible odds by fighting against a ruthless and overwhelming enemy. This book is my way of foretelling what can happen when governments become too strong and ultimately take away the rights (and lives) they originally sought to protect.

And now for the free part! In order to spark interest in my books, starting today through Superbowl Sunday, you can download Showdown Over Neptune, the first book in the Dave Brewster Series, for FREE on Smashwords. This novel will help you understand where the series began and hopefully make you want to read more. While it starts a little slow (as the story of Dave and Charlie unfolds), it soon becomes more like my other fast moving stories.

Depending on the interest, I plan to repeat this offer with a FREE download of Book 2, The Second Predaxian War, soon after. That was a fun book to write, and it lead me to the technology of Hives and Natural Hives, which are key to the rest of the series. Learn about maklans, valakars, and the great general Fa-a-Di. Join the Adventure! Here is the link to the Smashwords book page. BE SURE TO INPUT COUPON CODE HR35Q AT CHECKOUT TO GET IT FOR FREE.

Quantitative Easing and the Stock Market Surge

Everyone is talking about growing income inequality in the United States, and they are correct. However, the reality is never as simple as what newscasters and politicians report. Currently, the QE (whatever) program provides that the Federal Reserve Board will inject $85 billion of new money into the economy each month in order to keep interest rates low so that companies will invest and grow, and just maybe, provide more jobs. It sounds great, but it is not and most likely cannot work.

Companies grow and hire people when the demand for products outstrips their capability to provide them, period. With an ongoing tepid economy at best, and a dragging half-recession at worse, there is no demand for companies to add sales people or build new factories. So, they do not hire anyone and they do not borrow money and all that cash just sits in the Fed and major banks. If a company is smart (and many are), and they have a heavy debt load, they will borrow new money (at virtually 0% interest) to pay off their debts, instantly increasing their profitability. Still, no new jobs. But what makes QE the disaster you think it is, Karl?

Let’s look at the average shmuck (namely me). He keeps some savings in the bank where the principle is nice and safe, along with a small IRA or 401k. Turns out the money in the bank is not so safe after all. If I earn 0% on my balance, and inflation is even only 2%, then in effect, I’m losing 2% of my principle each year. So, what can I do to stop losing money? I move my cash into the equity markets (stocks)! Let’s say I find an index fund or individual stock with an average return of 5%. That’s fantastic, going from 0% to 5%. Unfortunately, I am not the only shmuck who thought of this. We all take our cash and pump it into the market, causing stock prices to go up, which is exactly what we are seeing now. Where is this leading?

Let us say so many people follow suit that the price of my stock doubles. Well, the company is not suddenly going to grow or become more profitable because the stock price is up. The company does not get any money from stock sales in the market (assuming no new issues or company-held stock), so the return goes to 2.5%. Of course I am disappointed, but it is still better than 0% from my bank. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end.

The Federal Reserve is already ratcheting back on the QE program. Even they realize that if the money supply gets too big, the value of the dollar will drop like a safe (envision Germany post WWI). As they cut back on printing money, interest rates go up. If the prime rate reaches 2.5%, suddenly my stock value will plummet. Anyone can now put their money in the bank and get the same return as I get in the more risky market. Why risk your principle to get 2.5% when you can get the same in a bank? If my company was foolishly leveraged, they may even go bankrupt, as their debt payments exceed their ability to earn profits.

And that leads to income inequality. Most people cannot invest significant capital in the market. We just do no have the resources. So now, the rich get all the winnings from the soaring markets, which leads to big bonuses and stock incentives for their leaders. They may pay a heavy price when the market swings downward, but believe me, the rich will be just fine. Since there are no new jobs and inflation rises, the poor get poorer.

And none of this points to the disaster that will occur in government spending when interest rates rise! Think of the impact on spending when the interest rate moves from 0% to 2.5% on $17,000,000,000,000 in government debt. The payment on the debt goes up $425 Billion a year. That is money that can no longer be used to pay our service men and women, or pay benefits to the poor, fund Social Security and Medicare, or whatever else the government does.

Maybe I am exactly wrong. Perhaps sunshine and lollipops will abound and kittens and puppy dogs will save the planet. What do you think?

Racheting up the blogosphere

I have decided to write blog postings on the news as well as information on my books. You will note that the site has been reconfigured to work better for this expanded narrative. Please add your comments to anything I post. Although it might not seem so, current events do drive the narratives of my works. You might think that sounds counterintuitive for science fiction and fantasy, but frankly, much of what’s going on in the world seems out of this world too.

Your input will help me put together new stories. I only have one brain, and I need lots of feedback on how I’m doing. I plan to post chapters of my upcoming works as well. Your thoughtful feedback is always welcome. Right now, I’m working on book three of my Modern Prophet series, which you’ve never heard of. Well, the first two books are written, but not published yet. The Two Doors is awaiting cover art, and Prophecy is being edited. There is also a fifth book in the Dave Brewster series (The Accord) which will be published next. My cover artist has been going through some issues, but is now colorizing it now.

But enough about books for right now. My first non-book blog entry will be on quantitative easing, the US government’s printing of $85 billion in new currency each month. This is a disaster in the making, but I won’t pollute this entry with that. I look forward to your feedback.

Tears of Gallia Trailer

For those of you who have not decided whether to download a free e-book of Tears of Gallia yet, I’m attaching a link to the book trailer on  It will give you an idea of what the story is about. Here is the link:

You can also read my description on this website by clicking on this link.

Tears of Gallia is a great story, with revenge, love, space battles, and adventure far beyond the imagination. And, for a limited time, it’s FREE. If you write an honest and thoughtful review, you also have a chance to win an Amazon gift card. If you’re ready to check it out, here is the link to the Story Cartel page:

Get Tears of Gallia Now!

Tears-WPThe Story Cartel promotion for Tears of Gallia is now live! If you are not familiar with Story Cartel, they offer free e-books for three weeks. One week later, prizes are awarded to selected entrants who submit an honest and thoughtful review of the book. Follow the link below to get your copy today!

Tears of Gallia Promotion

Tears-ebookcover (2)Now that book 5 of the Dave Brewster Series is about to come out, there will be a giveaway of book 4, Tears of Gallia, on Story Cartel soon. I’ll let you know when it goes live. With this promotion, you can download an e-book version FREE, in exchange for your thoughtful and honest review. There will  be some prizes, so download it sooner rather than later. You must read the book and write the review by the end of 4 weeks in order to qualify for the drawing. Tears is a long novel (over 400 pages in print), so if you wait until the end of the 3 week giveaway, you’ll only have 7 days to read it and write the review.

Tears of Gallia is a story of friendship, love, time travel, and intergalactic war. Our friend, Dave Brewster joins his friend, Fa-a-Di, on the Sojourn, a sacred visit to two incredible planets. There he will face death more than once, and be stranded on a mythical planet on the edge of the galaxy.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing. Please check it out. Reviews are the life-blood of new authors, and your opinions mean the world to me.

Also, please consider signing up for Story Cartel ( You can download free titles all the time, with the only obligation is to write a review. Seems fair.

The Accord– Coming soon!

I just finished rereading my new Science Fiction novel for the billionth time. The editing is complete and all we’re waiting for is cover art.

The Accord, book 5 in the Dave Brewster series, is about destiny. On a planet in the Small Magellanic Cloud, the human population lives in constant fear that their former masters in the Society of Humanity (The Hive) will return to enslave them. To provide security, they create robots capable of housing human brains. Those robotic space vehicles will guard the planet from orbit. Over the years, the cyborgs become more machine than man and subjugate the people below. Finally, they construct massive planetoids and take the humans with them, theoretically for their own safety. Eventually though, their human cargo becomes a food supply only. Now the machines are prepared to invade our galaxy in their never-ending search for food and metal.

Dave Brewster is drawn to the Clouds by his memories of Zeet of The Accord (Tears of Gallia), and travels there to understand what the robots want. He once again faces beatings and even death as he tries to stop the coming invasion.

The Accord is full of intrigue, war, terrible atrocities and incredible forces that come into play to safeguard our galaxy and lives. I hope you will Join the Adventure and check it out early this year.