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The Time Walker Is For Sale

Heartstone: The Time Walker is now on sale everywhere. You can buy the printed and e-book versions from online retailers. While you’re surfing, please check out the press release for this new work at:

Thanks for your readership, and keep an eye out for The Accord, the fifth book in the Dave Brewster Series coming soon.

Honorable Mention for The Hive

HIVE-ebookcover (2)The Hive (book 3 of the Dave Brewster Series) has been given an Honorable Mention at the 2013 Southern California Book Festival. I am very happy to have been recognized by this organization.

This was the fourth book I wrote and it evolved into a re-creation of the history of mankind, and led to an unbelievable journey to another galaxy where Dave learns that even though our technology and science continue to improve, our desire for control over others and power may not be overwritten by altruism and humility.

As Dave and his fleet travel across the Andromeda Galaxy, they find greed, racism and tyranny can only be defeated by facing them straight on, and being very lucky.

To celebrate this recognition, I’m planning on promoting The Hive again. If you have any ideas on how to spread the word, post a response here or e-mail me at

Here is a link to the contest’s website:

Thoughts on The Accord

I know that Heartstone: The Time Walker is due for release in both paperback and e-book formats in just over one week, but I thought I would say something about the next book coming out after that one.

The Accord is the fifth book in the Dave Brewster Series of science fiction novels. Currently, it is being reviewed by my editor and cover art is being created by my artist. I’m not certain when it will be published, but I did want to share some of my motivation for writing this story. It’s a long story, like The Hive and Tears of Gallia, but it covers a lot of ground and bridges new territory.

Like most everyone, I have been shocked by the revelations about NSA activity and the apparent total loss of privacy in the USA. Knowing that the government is perusing my texts, e-mails, and even these postings is making me a bit crazy. The Accord is the story of world leaders (not our world though) who are so afraid that others might attack them (terrorists?) that they do the most horrific things to their own people with the intention of protecting them. Over time, the protectors become the slave masters, and move from helping to destroying the lives that they promised to protect. It is another example of how “absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Ultimately, my personal faith in something greater than our fragile existence prevails, but until the end, the story is about suffering and overcoming insurmountable odds.

I hope you will keep an eye out of this new book which hopefully will be published around the end of the year. Thanks for your readership.

Two weeks from today!

Heartstone: The Time Walker will be released in fourteen days! I hope  you’ll take a look. You can preview 20% of the book for free right now on The e-book version is priced at only $2.99 for the first two weeks after release. Then it will go back to the normal e-book price of $4.99. The link to the book’s page is shown below, and thanks for your readership!