Monthly Archives: November 2012

Site Update

I have added new pages to my website to tell more about each of my books. Those pages will be the first place I will post updates about upcoming releases. Currently, there is one page for Remembrances, and one for the Dave Brewster Series.

Feel free to connect to me with any questions or comments about my writing and what’s coming up.

The Second Predaxian War

Now that Showdown over Neptune is published, I thought I’d say a few words about the sequel, titled The Second Predaxian War. At the end of Showdown, the Predaxian Alliance has again invaded the frontiers of Greater Gallia. In the second book, Dave Brewster and his friends need to find a way to turn back the superior forces of the Alliance before their mind control agents can expand their domination of the galaxy. There are more than a few surprising turns in the story which again shows how mysterious and magical our universe is.

My graphic artist is working on sketches for the cover now. After seeing how fabulous the cover for Showdown turned out, I am very excited to see them. I’ll keep everyone posted on the book’s progress.

Kindle versions available

I am thrilled to announce that Kindle versions of Remembrances and Showdown Over Neptune are now available from Amazon. My publisher and I worked hard to get the formatting correct, which is very different from the formatting of a printed book.

Since it was our first attempt, please let me know if we can improve anything, or if we made any obvious mistakes. I’ve also submitted Showdown Over Neptune to Barnes and Noble for the Nook devices. I’ll announce that when I get approval from them.